We would like to share with you our thoughts on Lolita. 

We want Lolita to be an «Encuentro Milonguero» in every respect, a reunion among tanguero friends that adhere themselves with passion and care to this kind of event, that appreciate a quiet and respectful round on the dancefloor where each couple adds up to bring life to the harmonic and compact “total”, a total full of strength… of “calm strength”.

We appreciate the idea of the traditional Milonga with the basic codes in order to assure the well-being of everyone: “mirada” and “cabeceo”, maintain the line of dance, should there be a collision with another couple we apologize without looking for a culprit; when entering the dancefloor we establish eye contact with the dancing couples so that they can open up a space for the new couple to enter; when the tanda finishes we leave the dancefloor in order to grant visibility and allow the “cabeceo” in all directions.

Our guests enjoy dancing in close embrace. They look for a profound connection that allows an intimate and rich dialogue…. “rather than the objective, movement is just a consequence”.

We support the idea of “social tango”, where without any obligations, everyone dances with everyone regardless of age and friendship.

It is up to you to feel if Lolita´s format meets your own tango expectations. You might feel joy or strain reading this message… Tango is a very complex world, full of diversity…. You are all welcome to join us … «With joy!»